All You Need To Know About The Security Grills

Security grills are actually the steel bars which are placed in the door and the windows and these are available in variety of the sizes to fit all kind of the perfect screen doors in Brisbane and the windows. The security grills became famous when the prevention officers officially declared that the only way to protect your house against the break ins and entering crimes is to protect your physical entry points and the best way to do these are the security grills. There are number of benefits of these security grills and some of these are listed below:

Better than the alarms:

Many people now think that the security grills are old school and they should have more technical gadgets to protect their homes like the alarm systems and the cameras but the major disadvantages of thee technical gadgets is that these could be hacks easily and it has been observed in the UK that there were around 92 percentage of the false alarms. Not only this but these technical gadgets only alarms and alerts you about the entry of a person but does not physical stop it whereas the security grills are there to actually stop the intruders. Many burglars will drop the idea right away if they see a security grill installed. Apart from this the alarms and the cameras require maintenance and therefore, an ongoing cost is spent on these but once you have the security grills installed then there is no maintenance cost.

Better than the shutters:

The shutters are installed outside the aluminium screen in Brisbane which means that these are accessible by the burglars and the intruders and they could use some equipment to break these through or to open the lock on it. Not only this but since these are closed from the outside then the burglar is sure that you are not home and he could make his move easily. Whereas the security grills are inside and it does not even tell anything about your presence. Having these inside means that the intruder first need to get the first door to get to these. Just like the alarms and the cameras the shutters also incur a maintenance cost because these could be damaged.

 Sliding feature:

The security grills available now a days are sliding which means that these are not fixed and these could be lifted in case of emergencies. Having a fixed security grill could be dangerous even for the person living inside the house because in case of any emergency when he needs to get out of the house from some window then it would not be possible.