We Move Your Belongings Safely By Our Amazing Team

Removalists work for the active transport of luggage from one place to another. Furniture removalists in Bundoora brings to the table an amazing and easy to adopt strategy of hiring drivers and loader trucks on one call whenever you need to move. We can certainly say that we literally move our customers and we ensure the same security and safety to our clients as much as they deserve in accordance.

Why choose Phil Furniture:

Phils Furniture Freighters is not just a name but also a name of trust where our client s are more important and valuable to us. Our perfection is by giving out clients the perfect kind of out come from our team of professional as much as we can. We gain the trust of our customers by sticking our policies to the given attributes:

Variety of transport trucks:  We have variety of trucks and vehicles for respective type of transport, all of the vehicles are designed for the safety of the furniture at hand and to make it happen as easily as possible as safe as possible too.

On time delivery:  Our team of professionals decides the perfection of the work while loading the furniture to make if super safe while transportation, because of that without any hesitation our professional drivers take care of the furniture and as a byproduct gain the benefit of a byproduct that is delivery on time. Safety of our clients furniture is not one of the key point of the work that we do but also on time delivery of the furniture is kept in notice. Since it is also a part of customer satisfaction so this factor is always under consideration as is the safety of the furniture.

Emergency delivery: Sometimes out customers make calls in case of emergency moving and our interstate removalist is called for the purpose. We take the order in that certain span of time and deliver them the required number of loaders and trucks along with safe boxes for the fragile stuff. This makes it convenient for the client side as they don’t have to bother and come to the office all by themselves and place a prior order.

Professional drivers: Our best strategy to gain the customer’s trust is that we hire professional drivers for the job. We take driving tests before hiring them and make sure that the drivers have extra experience in the respective field because the whole cycle we deal in revolves around better drivers and we never in a blue moon can compromise in that accord.

Reliable and strong boxes: Most important element in shifting and packing is the loading boxes. Our most customers ask for better and tuff quality boxes and we provide them with the best we have. We deal in special cardboard made boxes for the transfer of fragile things.